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Finding and hiring AI experts can be exhausting. We'll simplify that by providing you with the expertise you need now and to train your IT team into AI champions that you can count on.       

Our Strength

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Whether you want us to work for you or help train your current team of Data Scientist, Data Engineers, Technical Analysts and Developers into your dream AI transformation team, we will provide you with the best!                  

Our Goal

Our goal is to improve your business's competitiveness through AI transformation to bring you to the edge of technology, to integrate you in the AI ecosystem of your industry and to help you grow your market share by maximizing your AI leverage.

Our team members have been active in Neural Network research projects since 1998, contributing to development of Data Science and Machine Learning and their adoption by various sectors for over 2 decades.

We are also a team of Financial Experts, Seasoned Project Managers and Geeks Technology Fans and Followers, striving to bring businesses into the AI age and assist them through the transformation across all of their lines of business, and towards smart business automation and human-machine integrated solutions.

Business Solutions

In this fast evolving automation wave, sustaining and growing a business is not easy. With Prima Recon, you will be equipped with what you need to break through challenges and stay ahead of the competition.