Is a Superior Financial Fraud Detection And Response Intelligence Engine and Action Suite, with specialization modules for Credit, Banking and Wire Transfers trained and tuned to detect, assess and respond to fraud activities through a wide range of applications and interfaces across the industry.  

Some of the Technologies and Frameworks we use:

With our bases of operation out of Silicon Valley (USA), Toronto (Canada), Glasgow (UK) and Hong Kong, we are a global provider of Specialized AI Solutions (SAIS).

We have a wide range of core solutions that can be customized to your need, among which we would like to introduce:


Is a Military Grade Anti-Malicious-AI (AMA) Intelligence Engine and Action Suite, Designed to detect, assess and counter malicious AI activities through a wide range of channels, scenarios and targets, in a world threatened by a growing sophistication in malware design and attack scenarios. 

Prima Maxim is our software platform and the backbone of our products. It brings together the best-in-class and the latest in industry solution frameworks and enriches their collective abilities through 3 layers of specialized service for multi-cluster tenancy (Maxim Self-Server), Performance and Scalability enhancement (Maxim Magna) and Data Provisioning across multiple structures (Maxim Sourcer):

With our partnership with all Tier-one Cloud and Machine Learning Service Providers, we are able to design, transform, upgrade and implement your tailor-made AI solution to cover your entire enterprise through well-paced, straight-through change management and train your IT team into your AI champions.

We can deploy your tailor-made AI solution based any of our technology providers below in off-premise, on-premise and hybrid implementation architecture designs: